LZ Sally Area Map

With all due respect to those who actually own them, sometimes I have to snatch a map. I wish I could credit the owner (in each case) but I don't keep a theft record. Sometimes they don't want you to link to them, and would rather you just took a copy with you. Sometimes they change addresses, or just disappear. Whatever happens, I don't want to lose the map.

Quang Tri V.O.R (Aeronautical Chart)

This Map and a well placed canister of Willy Peter can induce a firey hell from the flyboys and their ordinance. If you look real close, several LZs' are marked. (Not as targets I hope.)

Another Quang Tri area map showing FSBs

I Corps Fire Base Map

This map shows many (not all) I Corps FSBs, LZs, Camps, and other points of interest such as The Hill.

Provincial Vietnam Map

This map shows all the provinces and capital cities of Vietnam. Not much else, but it does include Laos, Cambodia etc.

I Corps Map

Which one of you Redlegs sent this one? Becker? Zat you? Thanks!
Anyway, this is a real good I Corps map with several "Ky" locations marked.

Eight Klick Ville AO

FSBs Mongoose, Sandy. Hues East side.

Ashau Valley Map

I believe I snatched this one from LBs' Foot Locker.

North I Corps A.O.

This also, is one of the maps LB's locker. It shows a terrain from hell in the Northernmost Ashau Valley

Map: Eight Klick Ville AO

Map: Tam Ky: Sully

Tam Ky A.O.

A Harvey Sullivan map. There were many hard core 101st troops who fought and died for this miserable piece of dirt, and it wasn't even our own.

Tam Ky A.O.

...from Harvey Sullivan.

Battle Map

Another map from Sully, depicting the battle of May 21st, 1969

Sally A.O.

by Harvey Sullivan.

Map from the book: 13th Valley

Thanks really, to all who donated these maps. from.