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This AO is dedicated to the Combat Medic.
Medics didn't generally hang out with other medics, especially in combat situations. Due to their MOS, they were dished out by ones among the Infantry platoons. Who knew the Medics best was who needed them most. The group of individual fighting foot soldiers who he traveled with in the boonies was his family.
His name, however probably wouldn't ever show up on an infantry company or platoon roster, because officially he was "attached" personnel, belonging really to a remote "M.A.S.H" type unit miles away, back in the rear. Still, somehow they all thought alike. Most every one of them was a genuine hero, time and again, through and through, as bullets flew.

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LZSally Medics and Medical Personnel

Medics identified from LZSally:
The following Medics are listed to include the units they were attached to if such info is available. Most LZSally Medics actually belonged to 326th Medical Battalion. Please send any additions or corrections to ("DocDave") Dave Pfeifer

David Pfeifer B/1/501 2dplt 7/69-7/70
Guy Lamunyon B/1/501 9/70-9/71
Brian Lisk C/1/501 12/68-10/69
Donald r Moon B/1/501 69-70
Cid Gerillermo Cosmo (assigned to?)69-70
Jon Meyers E/1/501 69-70
John Marks B/2/501? 69-70
Lawson McClung HHC Battalion Surgeon 11/68-11/69
Bill Fuller B/1/501 70-71
Roy P. Gargus A/1/501 KIA 6/4/69
Tildon Perry * D/1/501
Gordon J Nelson HHC/1/327 **
P Duane Morauski D&E/1/501 68-69 2/501
Lawrence E Mize A/2/501 67-68
Jim Balda A/1/501 '69
Ken Angel 2nd plt and HHC/2/501 69-70
Benjamin C Miles Recon and HHC/1/502 67-68
Arden Riggle HHC/1/502 12/68
William Brooks 3rd plt A/1/501 '69
Steve Fournier
Dayton Wagoner A/1/501 HHC/326th Med. 68-69
Carl Cross
Doc Charles B/1/501 68-69
Doc Thomas B/1/501 68-69
Kerry L vance KIA '70
Danny Tomlinson 2/501 '70
Doc Nolan
Lawrence Klemens
Steve Zimmerman
Robert Summers
John Reans
David Trout
Jerry Phillipe D/1/501 68-69
Lawrence O'Conner
Hubert D Tedrow
Leo Flory 3rd plt B/1/502 68-69
Peter Buote C/1/501 68-69
Daniel Bagley D/1/501 '68
Bishop 1st plt D/1/501 '68
Horace K Hancock 2nd plt D/1/501 68-69
Scottie Norman 3rd plt D/1/501 '68
Newton Kieth Starnes Jr 2nd plt D/1/501 KIA 5/21/69
James Bray B/2/501
Edward Hanley B/2/501
Joe Lopez B/2/501
Donald Betzen B/2/501
Doc Abney 2plt C/1/501
Paul Pawlik 2/501&1/501
Doc Knowlin 3plt KIA

Statstics: Army medics on the WALL 1366
101st Airborne medics 166
M.O.H.recipients(army) 15